S-MEAL Extract

A balanced bioactive peptides, fatty acid and mineral source

S- Meal extract brings the unique composition of shrimp meal bio-fertilizer from shrimp. Shrimp meal containing large complex macro molecules are digested by proprietary technology to bring the simple plant absorbable bioactive peptides and amino acids as best nitrogen and fatty acid sources. It also has both macro and micronutrients including vitamins to boost the plant growth.

It is a soil nourishment tonic should be used in the drip irrigation, Tree Treatments, Root dipping for Transplanting. Best results in all crops and improve the soil micro-flora and soil environment.

Recommended crops ALL crops and all type of soils
Recommended Dose Dilute 10 ml per lit and use it in the drip system
Duration of use 1000 ml per acre

Start the application from seed stage

Repeat the application every 20 days once up to flower setting

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