Combined bioorganic fertiliser with bio-Silica

A unique 7 combination bio-fertiliser soil conditioner with soil rejuvenation and soil amendments properties. Most of the paddy fields are lost it is nature due to inorganic chemical fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides. These chemical made a high impact on the paddy field by depositing huge amount of residues like calcium, phosphates, potassium, zinc, copper and etc. Insoluble form of these elements changed the soil environment by eliminating the soil microbes that very essential for protecting the soil fertility. The damaged soils needs rejuvenation therapy by replacing the soil microbes that capable of tolerating the polluted environment and utilizing these residues as substrate and convert them in to soluble form.

A unique combination of soil microorganisms that are isolated from the polluted soil environment that had the capability of bioremediation. We have further improved the bio efficacy of the microbes and made the formulation that would bring the best rejuvenation potential to your soil. In addition, bio-silica is provided as substrate for additional growth promotion of the paddy.


  • Phosphate solubilizer
  • Silicon solubilizer
  • Potassium solubilizer
  • Zinc & Heavy metal detoxifier
  • Salt and pH stabilizer
  • Plant growth promoter
  • Soluble Silica
Recommended crops Paddy, wheat, cotton
Recommended Dose 3o kg per acre

30 kg of REVITAL PLUS powder uniformly spread all over the field (Broadcasting).

Duration of use Yearly one application

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