Activated chitosan (Food grade) Bio-sorbents

Today 97% of the fruits, vegetables, pulses, rice and other food products including meat and fish carry the pesticide residues, heavy metals and other pollutants like antibiotics. These contaminations are creating a potential health hazard to the consumers. In order to remove the pesticide contaminations and heavy metals we have made activated chitosan that binds to the pollutants and remove them from the non-cooked food materials. The proprietary bio-sorbent technology has brought the unique high affinity towards most of the pesticides and heavy metals.

Since chitosan is insoluble in water it does not get solubilised. It could be added to the water while washing the food materials. Water does not effectively remove the pesticide residues however if we add the chitosan which is cationic would absorb the pesticide and remove it more effectively. Then we can remove the chitosan pesticide complex by washing it in water. A unique patented technology of enhancing the net cationic charge of chitosan is more effectively binding to the anionically charged pesticides and heavy metals.

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