Organic soil fertilizer with balanced NPK ratio with blend of micronutrient! Roasted bentonite Pellets coated with proprietary 5 ingredient formulation in a best ratio. Provides extended slow release of nutrients gives the balanced nutrients available for crop.

Easy to apply in the soil

Active Contents

  1. Updatable balanced Organic carbon (Humic and Fulvic supplement)
  2. Biological nitrogen source proprietary bioactive peptides.
  3. Balanced natural potassium & phosphorous.
  4. Enhanced macronutrient content Calcium, magnesium and sulphur.
  5. Vital microelements including boron and copper, zinc, iron and manganese.
  6. Included with natural phytohormones (from natural sources) and growth promoters.
Recommended crops All crops including fruits, vegetables, Cereals and pulses

Cotton, paddy, wheat,

Tomato, brinjal, bendi, chilli, capsicum, Grapes, Cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli, carrot, potato, raddish, turnip, fenugreek, spinach, Bitter gourd, ridge, gourd, snake gourd, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Coriander, Cummin, Watermelon, Pumkin, pomegranate

Rose, Orchid, Jasmin, Marigold, carnation

Ground nut, Bengal gram, Cow pea, Black gram, green gram, beans, soya, red gram

Papaya, mango, sapota, Citrus, cashew nut,

Sugarcane, banana

Recommended Dose 3 kg per acre

3 kg of PENTAGRO+ pellets mixed with 40 kg soil and uniformly spread all over the field ( Broadcasting). Short-term crops (3-4 months crop duration)- Single application 10 days after implantation.

Duration of use Start the application from seed stage

Repeat the application every 3-4 months once for long term crops

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