Triple protection mechanism for the extended nematode control. Patented nano-technology for soil application. Synergistic technology of natural three way controller. Complete nematode control from prolonged period up to 80-90 days. Sustained release mechanism for the extended protections from root-knot Nematode (meloidogyne spp) and sting nematodes. Chitinase enzyme based innovative mechanism combined with increasing inorganic ammonia content in the soil. Selective secondary metabolite producing soil microorganism that control the nematodes and improve the soil health. Provides extended slow release of nematode controlling agents up to 90 days.

Single application in Short term crops up to 3 months, improve the soil health and environment, improve the soil fungus community and anti-nematode microbe produces the anti-nematode compound in soil. Does not leave any residues in the soil 100% biodegradable.

Recommended crops All nematode susceptible crops

Tomato, cotton, carrot, beetroot, sweet potatoes, Rice, Egg Plant, Okra (bendi), chilli, capsicum, Peanuts, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes and other Cereals and pulses.

Recommended Dose Plough sole placement: 20 kg per acre NEMATALL Pellets are placed at the bottom of the plough furrow in a continuous band during the process of ploughing before implantation.
Duration of use Start the application from seed stage

Repeat the application every 3-4 months once for long term crops

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