100% Natural organic Fungicide, growth promoter, plant Immunity booster, anti-virus and anti-bacterial, house plant fertilizer, elicitor, applied on fruits, vegetables and flowers!

As a natural plant immune regulator, Chitomax contains Chitosan oligosaccharide is used primarily as a natural seed treatment and plant growth enhancer, and as an ecologically friendly biopesticide substance that boosts the innate ability of plants to defend themselves against fungal infections. It is an easily-absorbed substance with high solubility after special technological treatment on chitosan. It has excellent water solubility, anti-virus and antibacterial action. It can start and regulate the immunization of plants at gene level and induce anti-virus substance production. Chitosan Oligosaccharide reduces and eliminates the infections of pathogenic agents especially against epiphytes, which are difficult to control. Chitosan oligosaccharide is non-toxic and, despite having biostatic and fungistatic properties. Yields of plants from chitosan-treated seeds are in general increased (up to 20%).

Experimental Pathogenic microorganisms
(Control Effects 63~90%)
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
Downy Mildew
Powdery Mildew
Banana Bunchy
Black Heart, etc.
Anti-fungal Cucurbits Fusarium Wilt,
Tomato Gray Mold,
Seedling Blight, Cucumber Downy Mildew,
Potato Late Blight, etc.
Antibacterial Eggplant Bacterial Wilt
Tomato Bacterial Canker,
Tomato Bacterial Wilt, Potato Soft Rot,
Cucumber Bacterial Angular Leaf Spot, etc.


Most indoor gardeners are interested in two things – the quality and quantity of their fruit, flowers and blooms. Most nutrients have a bloom formulation which has all the elements your plant requires for the bloom phase, but for truly superior results, a dedicated flowering additive or booster such as Saosis Flower Booster will have a massive impact upon your overall crop performance.

Overview & Benefits

  • Use as soil improvement, seed treatment and foliar treatment
  • Readily Absorbable
  • Prevent plant infection from fungal, bacterial and virus-like diseases.
  • Enhance disease resistance of plants, and decrease diseases
  • Promote growth and increase yield!
  • Improve the quality of fruits and vegetables


  • Chitosan Oligosaccharide (low molecular weight)- 100000 ppm
  • Acetic acid <1%
  • Potassium Carbonate<2%

How to Use

  • In the field or garden for fruits and vegetables: Mix 1 ml in 1 Litre of water foliar spray. For the best results, apply every 14 days. Spray on leafs, fruits, vegetables and plant body including flower.
  • For Houseplants: Mix 1 ml in 1 Liter of water. For great results, apply once in every 12 – 14 days. Spray on leafs, fruits, vegetables and plant body including flower.
  • For the root application: Mix 3 ml in 1 lit of water and apply through drip.

When to Apply

Chitomax can be applied after 10 days from the nursery implantation.

How often to apply

Can be used every 12-15 days during any stage of the crop.

Where to Use

For all fruits and vegetables!

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