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We support the biotech academic and industry with our expert knowledge to solve and support their problem with respect to below area. Below list are our regular services however we are ready to accept any custom and tailor-made project depending on the need of customers. With the expertise we ensure the fast turnaround with high quality results with excellent documentation. If you require any bioscience services please write to us or call us on +91 8056738421.

Cloning in to vector (up to 1 kb) E. Coli 1 Target
E. Coli Expression (Cloning and Expression, delivery: mutation free clone and 1 mg protein 1 Target
E. Coli expression (Cloning up to 2 kb gene delivery: mutation free clone and 1 mg protein 1 Target
E. Coli Expression (Above 2 kb gene) 1 Target
Mammalian Expression
Development of stable cell line 1 Target
Polyclonal antibody development
Mouse (3-5 animals duration: 45-50 days) 1 antigen
Rabbit (2 animals Duration 70 days) 1 antigen
Goat (1 animal per antigen) 1 antigen
Monoclonal antibody service (2 high titre clones, and 1 mg purified antibody)
RNA Isolation 1 No
cDNA Conversion 1 No
Protein Purification (Affinity or ion exchanges up to 1 mg pure above 95%) 1 No
Antibody Purification Protein A affinity 1 No
ELISA development (Including antbody development) 1 No
Conjugation services
HRP conjugation 1 No
Gold Nano particle conjugation (10 OD) 1 No
Biotin conjugation 1 No
Cell Viability (MTT, Resazurin and CyQuant), per cell line GI50 determination 1 Sample
Cytokine response assay (TNF-α, IL-β, IL-6 and IL-10) in PBMCs with LPS challenge for evaluating the anti-inflammatory 1 Kit
Angiogenesis assays HUVEC cell tube formation 1 Samples
HDAC inhibition assay-fluorometric- Hela nuclear extract 1 Samples
HAT inhibition assay- fluorometric- Hela nuclear extract 1 Samples
DNA Gyrase (E. Coli) assay- Fluorescence based (Inhibitor screening) 1 Samples
Bioprofiler activity screening for natural product (BPA) The unique assay model deals with screen of unknown natural products for up to 5 therapeutic targets including anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties of the extract. 1 Samples
Cell migration assay 1 Samples


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