Bioprocess & Enzymes

Microorganisms play an important role in modern world with applications ranging from wine fermentation to biofuel production to solutions for complex and specific process could be achieved through microbial bioprocess.

During the past decade, microbial fermentation for protein production reached a maximum level of sophistication and wider adoption. Recombinant DNA technologies further adds an enhanced efficiency of producing many desired products.

Microbial biotransformation process produces novel organic metabolites that are very important drugs or drug intermediates including many antibiotics, statins and others. Many wild type organisms are adopted and improved to produce the desired drug or drug intermediate either through natural selection or mutational studies.

However these conventional technologies are limited with efficiency and process duration. We have developed many advanced recombinant and metabolic engineering improve the process efficiency and reduce the effluent management several recombinant technologies are introduced in the recent. AURA Biotech involved in developing novel bioprocess technologies, Chemi-enzymatic process and whole biocatalyst for the production of Drugs and Drug intermediates.

a) Thiocolchicoside

AURA Biotech involved in developing a novel recombinant microbial bioprocess to produce an important drug thiocolchicoside from colchicine. Thiocolchicoside is a potent muscle relaxant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. We focused towards establishing process efficiency and scale up possibilities to avoid large volume fermentation and low efficiency conversion with wild type strains. Our idea is to bring most efficient and cost effective bioprocess to produce the high value drug produced from the Indian plant source. To know more information contact us at

1. Yeast Astaxanthin

URA Biotech also exploring the other natural sources for producing astaxanthin including yeast (Phaffia rhodozyma). Our focus towards development of mass culturing of astaxanthin producing yeast in fermenters in the scale of 10000 L and above. At initial stage our efforts are directed towards enhancing the astaxanthin yield in the yeast. Subsequently, we would concentrate on scale up possibilities and downstream processes.

2. Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA)

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