Bio polymers are chain-like molecules made up of repeating chemical blocks and it can be very long in length and they are produced by living organisms thus these are biodegradable and biocompatible materials. Currently, Bioplolymers are considered to be the most important functional additives of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and industrial application.

At AURA biotech Biopolymers are manufactured from marine natural sources in an environmental friendly process which brings the unique proposition in this products

Our team have developed manufacturing and modification technologies for a high quality biopolymer called chitosan. Using our unique proprietary technologies we have made many application specific modification in chitosan and added high usability in cosmetic, agriculture, painting, textiles, pharmaceutical, water treatment, food preservation, paper, soil stabilization, bevarages and leather industries.

We are capable of supplying chitosan with different viscosity range from 20-2000 cps, different DDA (Degree of deacetylation) and different molecular weight. We offer industrial grade, food grade and Pharmaceutical grade chitosan (USP) . Our production capacity is 5 metric tons per month.

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