Organic neem based plant oil mixture (Plant booster)

Bioelixir is a unique formulation of agriculturally important plant oil mixture with enhanced neem power for the best plant growth and controlling the pest and infections in a very effective way. Self-emulsifying combination of natural oils contribute maximum yield in all crops including trees, fruits and vegetables. It cures all type of viral, and bacterial damages through unique mechanism. Careful mixture of bioactive oils blended with natural bioactive compounds.

Broad spectrum botanical insecticide, natural Repellent and Anti-feedant controls stem borer, sucking pest, piercing and larvae effectively. In addition it give the best organic phyto oil based base substrate which brings the unique growth booster promotes the plant growth and yield.

Most effective in all crops including tea garden, home garden, horticulture large filed applications.

Recommended crops ALL short term, mid-term and long term crops.

Cotton, paddy, wheat,

Tomato, brinjal, bendi, chilli, capsicum, Grapes, Cabbage, cauliflower, brocolli, carrot, potato, raddish, turnip, fenugreek, spinach, Bitter gourd, ridge, gourd, snake gourd, Onion, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Coriander, Cummin, Watermelon, Pumkin, pomegranate

Rose, Orchid, Jasmin, Marigold, carnation

Ground nut, Bengal gram, Cow pea, Black gram, green gram, beans, soya, red gram

Papaya, mango, sapota, Citrus, cashewnut,

Sugarcane, banana

Recommended Dose 100 ml per acre

Foliar spray: 1 ml per lit

Soil application: 50 ml bioelixir mixed with 5 kg of sand apply 1 kg per acre Nursery application

Drip system: 1 ml per lit

Duration of use Start the application from seed stage
Repeat the application every 15 days

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