About Us

Affordable product development through innovation is the key in the Biotechnology field. Research based organizations in biology needs strong focus and rapid turnaround while maintaining uncompromised quality.

We focuses on developing the products that are commercializable in global market. We position our self a novel product development company and manufacturing organization. Our portfolio diversified in to emerging fields of biology that includes, biopolymer, agriculture and crop management, molecular biology and immunology. In addition, our recent focus and collaborations have associated as in to aquaculture disease diagnostics and probiotics.

Though our fields are diversified, our base knowledge drives the goals in developing the new products by acquiring the required knowledge and in the desired field.

A modest begin of AURA Biotechnologies Private Limited in 2014 was set the positions to visualize our goals and experience some of the first generation Entrepreneurial experience in 3 years’.

In 2017, we have made our initial attempts to commercialise our products in a rapid mode. With the positive note we progress further to envision our ultimate goal of making good to great company.

Our Vision

To develop an outstanding and affordable products for the global market to become international front runner organization.

Our Mission

  1. To promote organic and sustainable agriculture in the country to take forward the go green mission.
  2. To provide best molecular biology tools for the research!
  3. To establish highest standards in aqua culture disease diagnostics!
  4. To promote the bioremediation for protecting the environment!

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